In addition to better performance, the maximum cooling output from your air conditioning system is higher when the air around it is cooler. This is particularly crucial on the hottest summer afternoons, when you need the greatest quantity of cooling output to keep your house comfortable.

Shading the entire side of your residence and the outside air-conditioner unit is most efficient. This can be finished with trees or an awning. Especially with a brick, masonry or stucco residence, your home wall imitates a huge solar collector and in fact raises the temperature of the air around the ac system.

You can make a basic cover to shade your a/c outdoor unit. Consult your air-conditioning service provider about the correct clearance for air flow. Appropriate air flow is important for high efficiency.

One efficient a/c cover supplies both shade and storage. Depending upon how large you make this storage/air conditioner cover, you can save your garden devices, fertilizers, and so on. Also, the larger you make it, the more shade it offers.

It is essentially a plywood storage compartment built several feet back (contact your professional) from the condenser system. Construct it with a sloped roofing (for shade) that extends up over the condenser unit and attaches to your house. The sloped roof offers added height for adequate clearance and it blends better with the lines of a lot of homes.

Make the frame for the storage unit/cover with any common lumber. Cover the storage compartment with plywood siding. Install a piano hinge on the leading so you can open it.

Nail the plywood siding over the rest of the sloped top to cover the condenser unit. Leave the sides by the condenser revealed to allow for appropriate air circulation.

No matter which type of duct is utilized, be sure to seal thoroughly all the joints with duct tape. Likewise, insulate any ducts that run through an unconditioned area.

Rectangular Ducts Less Efficient Than Round

Rectangle-shaped duct work is more convenient to run between wall studs. Both kinds of duct are frequently made use of in the very same system. Round ducts can be ranged from the air handler to rectangular ducts in the walls. No matter which kind of duct is made use of, make sure to seal thoroughly all the joints with duct tape. Also, insulate any ducts that go through an unconditioned area.

Secure Your Air conditioning system

Your a/c unit will run more efficiently if it is shaded from the sun. This air conditioning system cover also supplies storage for yard and patio requirements. Sufficient clearance Home wall Air conditioner Storage compartment Hinge Plywood siding.