Did You Know

Did You Know?

Many Heating and Air Conditioning Systems problems can Double their cost of operation without a reduction of comfort capabilities?

That a 10% undercharge in refrigerant can cause a 20% increase in operation costs?

That 80% of all compressor failures could have been avoided if proper service and maintenance had been performed?

That a dirty or restricted condenser coil, evaporator coil and blower wheel could increase your cost of operation up to 45%?

That there is no need to change or replace the refrigerant in your system? If you have to add refrigerant regularly you have a leak that is costing you. lf your system is over 8 years old think about upgrading to a matched system soon. That small problems, left unattended, are what cause major costly repairs and failures? That besides regular service and maintenance, a good quality air cleaner or filter, cleaned monthly will keep your coil free of buildup and keep house dust in control as well as provide healthier indoor air quality?

That semi—annual service, maintenance and safety checks do not cost you. They pay you!!! THE BEST TIME TO SOLVE A PROBLEM IS BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

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