Our Team

Jim Smith

Jim Smith was born in Northern Wisconsin and graduated in 1985. He joined the US Army after high school and spent 9 in half years in the Army, which he was involved in the Persian Gulf War.

After leaving the Army he moved to Florida and started working with his father in heating and air conditioning. After two years of working next to his father, his dad decided to retire.

Jim and his wife, Laurie, bought the company Palm Air and Electric in 1997 from Jim’s father. Jim’s expertise includes but not limited to, properly calculating A/C sizes for homes and designing ducting systems for proper air flow. Jim has attended numerous training classes industry related, one of which explains how a home breathes with air effectively for attaining comfort of the home. He remains current to industry changes which include new variable capacity heating and more ways to make the customer comfortable in their home.

Jim is also one of the most technological advanced contractors in the industry, keeping abreast with every new change in advancement the industry has to offer. Along with being a hard worker; he is a loving father and wonderful husband.

He and Laurie have five children together, two girls and three boys. Jim’s outside hobbies include building and restoring cars, watching NASCAR as well as cheering for his hometown favorites, the Green Bay Packers.

Laurie is Jim’s wife and is part owner of Comfort Zone.

Cliff Sanders has worked for Comfort Zone for the past 11 years.He went to school at the University of North Florida

Outside of work, Cliff is a proud father of a beautiful daughter.

He enjoys history, sports and science.

Darian Ramsumair

Has been with the company for 8 years

School: 2 years at Fortis Institute

Hobbies: builds cars
Sports Favorites: Green Bay Packers