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Our technicians are on call 24/7 for those unexpected after-hours emergencies.

We are available for residential and commercial AC or HVAC repair any time, day or night. Check out our comprehensive AC Emergency Repair Services to learn more.


Comfort Zone AC & Heating offers Air Conditioning Units, Heating systems, Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics, Duct Leak testing and Sealing, Dryer vent cleaning, and much more to our friends in Indian River, Southern Brevard and Northern Saint Lucie Counties.

Comprehensive A/C & Heating Services

We Are Your Preferred Air Conditioner & HVAC Service Company 


We service both Residential and Commercial. We offer Commercial Air Conditioning Systems, Commercial Heat Pumps, Commercial Furnaces, as well as offering Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs to our local Commercial businesses and residents.

Why is Comfort Zone the most trusted name in Central Florida?

Because for nearly forty years, Comfort Zone has been a breath of fresh air in the residential, commercial, HVAC, and refrigeration market, standing out for its focus on excellence, reliability, and service. Comfort Zone A/C & Heating has remained committed to customer satisfaction and superior quality service.


Our 24 Hour Customer Service Center is ready to dispatch the right service professional to perform around the clock emergency HVAC repair or AC repair services, 7-day-a-week installations of air conditioning and heating as well as Indoor Air Quality equipment. From sales and maintenance to installations and system design, Comfort Zone consistently delivers world-class Air Conditioning support to premier corporations and residents across a Tri-County Region.


We offer industry-leading HVAC and radiator protective coating 

Your Air Conditioning and Heating equipment should be able to stand up to the harshest of environments. Whether it be environmental, chemical, or other factors, we offer the highest quality protective coating from HERESITE to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your exterior HVAC and Heating unit components. Avoid unnecessary HVAC repairs by protecting your equipment today.


HERESITE  is the coating of choice when dealing with resistance from the harshest marine and local environments. In Florida, coastal and offshore marine environments have high atmospheric salinity which is corrosive and will ultimately cause excessive maintenance issues or even force you to replace the unit entirely, much sooner than necessary. With the HERESITE  protective coating, you can keep your air and heat transfer equipment performing at its peak and increase their service life.




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